Dating Adventure: Mystery Man

Follow the dating saga of one of the worst and most toxic man that I’ve dated, Mystery Man.  A detailed blog of the emotional ups and downs that I went through in dealing with Mystery Man.

  1. Mystery Man
  2. Post Hook-Up Vulnerability
  3. Gravitating Towards Confidence
  4. Penis Shirt Man
  5. Uncertain Feelings and Rejection
  6. Mystery Man is Toxic
  7. Hot and Cold Men
  8. The Social Group
  9. Happiness Outside of a Relationship
  10. Mystery Man’s New Girl
  11. I’m a Self Destructive Addict
  12. Surrounded by Unsure Guys
  13. Digging Up Old Bones
  14. Mystery Man Stepping Up His Game
  15. Maybe Boring is Good?
  16. Mystery Man Continues to Impress
  17. No More Games
  18. Enjoying Mystery Man
  19. Secret Relationship
  20. New Relationship Excitements and Doubts
  21. Re-Affirmation
  22. Don’t Break the Relationship with “The Talk”
  23. A Practical Love
  24. Act As If It Will Work Out
  25. It Takes Time
  26. Are Grand Romantic Gestures A Thing?
  27. Being Emotionally Open
  28. Changed My Mind
  29. Mystery Man, The Full Story
  30. Mystery Man Plot Twist
  31. Ambitious and Emotionally Unavailable Men
  32. Worst Partner
  33. Don’t Forget the Bad Stuff
  34. Starting to Move On
  35. I’m Broken
  36. Power Struggle
  37. Tough Friendship Journey After a Break-Up
  38. Baseball Guy
  39. Finding Balance
  40. Hooking Up Post Break-Up
  41. Emotionally Conflicted
  42. Juggling Baseball Guy and Mystery Man
  43. Juggling Baseball Guy and Mystery Man 2
  44. The Comfort of Mystery Man vs Baseball Guy
  45. Can’t Trust Mystery Man
  46. A Shameful Balance
  47. Lessons Learned in Dating
  48. Letting Him Go
  49. Back with Mystery Man
  50. Second Time Around
  51. Relationship Checkpoint
  52. A Softer Side of Mystery Man
  53. Budding Relationship
  54. Weakening Network of Friends
  55. As the Relationship Gets Better, The Sex Gets Worse
  56. One Track Mind
  57. Contingency Planning
  58. More Commitment, Less Sex
  59. Being More Serious
  60. Commitment Issues
  61. Cold Feet
  62. Taking Risks in the Relationship
  63. Back to Normal, Pretty Much
  64. Relationship High
  65. Creating Space for a Significant Other
  66. This Girl
  67. Being a Realist
  68. Our Friends Aren’t Supportive
  69. Clearing Out Space
  70. Vacation with Mystery Man
  71. Mystery Man is Still Unsure
  72. Sit Back and Relax
  73. Sexually Numb
  74. Why Not Leave
  75. The Day He Went Away
  76. Tears of Selfishness
  77. Breakup Cheat Sheet
  78. Blueberry Cake
  79. House Boyfriend
  80. Takes a Bad One to Know What’s Good
  81. Last Christmas
  82. Life Without Mystery Man
  83. Smoking Hot Beginning
  84. Mystery Man’s Best Friend
  85. Biggest Dating Lesson of my 20s
  86. Upwards From Here
  87. The Decision to Not Be Friends
  88. Moving on and Accepting the Single Life
  89. The Awful Truth About Mystery Man
  90. Saw Mystery Man’s Dating Profile
  91. Personal Growth
  92. The Answer