What makes me happy

Okay, finally getting to my homework of what makes me happy.  I truly believe that this will help me figure out my situation.

  • Listing the obvious first is my family’s health, my family’s stable condition.  Then secondly, my own financial stability and this ties into my own business.  Luckily for me these things have generally been stable in my life and hasn’t posed too big of a challenge for me in my adult life thus far.
  • As for friends, I’ve been very grateful this year to make a new female friend who I think is really cool and we share very similar views.  I’m grateful to to have my cousins who are always there for me.  My ex-rock climbing partner has also come back in my life and she and I have really connected recently.  I stay in touch with my friend and ex-colleague who lives in China and he’s great also.  I’m closer with my best female friend, the one that I’ve known since elementary school, and we also keep a circle of friends together.  I also keep in touch with a high school friend of mine, The Drummer and he has been so good to me also.  I have some friends that have moved away and grown apart from, but my circle of friends have been good and consistent.  I’m also lucky to be able to easily connect with new friends using Instagram, and travelling and meeting these people have been so much fun.
  • I love fun projects, and my recent passion project is a side e-commerce store that I am having so much fun learning how to build.
  • I booked a vacation in the spring of 2020, and I’m oh so looking forward to this.  I’m supposedly learning how to dance for this music festival that I will be going to with my cousin as well.  We are planning coordinating outfits and that’s so much fun also.
  • I mention my business for financial purposes, but my business is also very fulfilling.  I create real jobs for real people and I make a difference.  I’m a very protective leader, and I am really proud of my team and the business that I’ve built.
  • For some reason, spending time with The Photographer has made me very happy recently.  I don’t have feelings for him anymore, but we still have a fun and flirty vibe going on.  He makes me feel really sexy actually.  It’s a shame he’s going away to another country, but hanging out with him recently has made me feel very confident.
  • The Motivator aside, the sport of rock climbing is something that I’ve really developed a passion for, and this makes me happy.  I would happily go to the rock climbing gym and just climb sometimes even on my own.
  • I love food, and a good meal that I had recently was when I was in Montreal, the food was fabulous, with a bit of wine and my city tour guide, I was very happy.
  • Actually, being in Montreal for some reason this year has been my happy place.  Although the trips do take some time to plan… things have turned out really well this year.  A bachelorette party, staying with my old rock climbing buddy, dating a guy in Montreal, everything has been fantastic!
  • Going on adventures with my dogs and spending time with them has really brought me a lot of joy.
  • Thinking back to when I was most happiest in a long-term relationship, I was with someone that at the time was very involved with my life, someone who stayed in touch constantly, and who included me in their life.
  • Thinking back to when I was most happiest being single, I was seeing more than one guy who as a whole gave me a lot of attention, filled up my calendar with activities.  This may sound kind of crazy, but making sure that I have a lot of good sex makes me happy also.
  • I’m most happiest when I’m not infatuated with someone who does not return the same feelings.  Sometimes when I’m single, and I just simply don’t have a crush on anyone, I almost feel like I’m at peace with myself.

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