A Complementing and Balanced Relationship

Turns out volleyball coach getting fired just means that we get to spend more time together during the week.  We’ve been going to yoga classes consistently every week, and while I’m helping him with his job hunt and staying positive, he is helping me with my business and setting up the dogs new play pen so that they can stay with me more often during the week.  We’re very complementary to each other in terms of what we bring to the relationship.

He’s great at bringing structure to things, which also means disciplining the dogs.  I’m good at bringing dynamic and variety to the relationship, pushing us to try new things.  Now that we have a bit more flavour to our relationship, he has been convinced of using his calendar even.  This balance that we have in our relationship is nothing that I’ve ever experienced before.  It works, and I feel like it is taking me time to get used to a relationship actually working.

Had I not had any dating experience behind me, I might think that this relationship is rather dull, but I do not take for granted the balance that we have in this relationship.  Balance and willingness to accept one another is what makes volleyball coach and I work.  He gets that it takes effort to make a relationship work, and he is proactive in making sure that things continue to go smoothly as opposed to being passive about it.

The more I get used to this idea of a healthy relationship, the more I feel okay with never having those feelings of excitement and anxiety for someone ever again.  Even as I read other people’s writing about the hardships of early stage dating, guys that don’t text back, guys that have this veil of mystery about them, I feel as sure as ever that this is not what I want in my life.


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