An Easy Love

Volleyball coach makes it easy to be with him.  He makes the effort and reassures me of his desire to be with me.  Last week he was away for a few days for work.  When he got back, he asked what I was up to and made the effort to drive all the way downtown to see me.  We went for late night eats and ended back at my place where things got hot and heavy during a comedy special we were trying to watch.

We had sex together and he performed oral on my butt, yup, he tossed my salad.  I’ve never had that before and it was certainly a new feeling that threw me off.  It wasn’t so much of a turn-on as it was exciting and weird.  I think that would enjoy a move like that more if I was more comfortable with him.  I already know that volleyball coach is kinky from the way he puts his hands around my neck when he kissed me once, and I like it.  The idea that there’s so much more to discover and try is what excites me.

I wanted him to stay the night, but he couldn’t so he said he would stay over on Saturday instead.  Saturday we took the dogs out and he was so patient with the pups, we watched a late night movie and I was too tired afterwards so I just fell asleep.  We had our own things to do on Sunday morning, and Sunday evening we arranged to meet with my cousin and her boyfriend on a dog play date.  We had 3 troublesome puppies in the mix and he was oh so supportive and patient.

After that weekend, I thought he’d be sick of my company, and in past relationships, I usually try to give a little bit of space after a weekend spent together.  Volleyball coach still continued to message me and even phoned me for a chat before bed!  I am so impressed!  A man that picks up the phone and rings you is so rare to find these days.  He makes it easy to be with him.

I realize that I am so much more appreciative of these things that volleyball coach does, because I’ve been in one too many relationships with men that just was not ready to love.  Volleyball coach is not at all perfect, but all of the things that need to be there for this relationship to work seems to be there.

I realize that a smooth and steady relationship is not one that is interesting to read about, but if you want a crazy and turbulent kind of story, there are plenty to choose from in my past posts.


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