Volleyball Coach Making Strides

Volleyball coach is making good strides in the relationship.  We cooked together on Sunday and we had planned to watch some comedy and have dinner together… except I forgot that I had to go to dinner with friends so I asked if he wanted to come.  He totally just went with the flow, even though he was trying to be on a strict diet.  He drove to dinner and then back down again to pack up the food, help me clean and squeeze in some time to make-out.  I love that volleyball coach likes to hold hands.  He initiates it a lot and even holds my hand under the table.

Volleyball coach invited me to dinner with his friends on Monday.  Turns out, I knew two of the friends… I’m not sure if he was completely okay with that.  I guess, it could be awkward if you don’t know what the relationship was.  Of course he is unsure whether I’ve dated them before or anything like that.  I seem to know a lot of people that he knows, but not so much the other way around.

During dinner, I think I may have taken more than my fair share of the delicious brisket… and I feel bad about it because I didn’t realize.  Volleyball coach however did realize, but I’m not sure if he is okay with it.  Another uncomfortable moment was when the bill came.  We had our bill separated out and he didn’t quickly offer to pay, even though I think there was room to offer.  My opinion is that in front of his friends, I want to let him be the man and pay for the bill but his hesitation had me putting down my credit card.  Then he offered to pay his half, but he didn’t have enough cash so he said he would owe me.  This was awkward for me.  I insisted on paying and he accepted.

I think some of this uncomfortableness comes from his not realizing what he is doing is making me feel uncomfortable.  And the other side of that is that I have expectations that might be a bit unrealistic.  I can tell that he really cares about me.

What is different about volleyball coach is that I do actually see him in a sexual way.  Even during our first meeting, I can see that side of him, even before I thought I could be interested in him.  I’m less reluctant now and I look forward to seeing him.  I don’t want the relationship to get sexual because I just don’t think it has that much substance quite yet.  I am feeling that excitement when thinking of being with him, and I think that needs to linger a bit longer to build up that fire, that passion.



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