Volleyball Coach and Filipino Man

I’m dating both volleyball coach and Filipino man right now.  On Friday, I went out with Filipino man for dinner and a movie.  I was not impressed that I offered him my Friday and he didn’t make plans until the day of.  It’s funny because I used to be okay with that all the time.  My standards are higher now.  He picked a movie and bought us some nice reserved tickets in the IMAX theatre.  We went for ramen and he told me how his work contract will not be renewed and he is planning to do some travelling for an undefined amount of time.  That all sounds great and exciting and I like a guy that appreciates travel, though it doesn’t sound he’s looking for anything serious.  He is quite a bit older than me (7 years).  He doesn’t seem more mature than me and does not seem to have stability.  He is looking for a new place, looking to travel and live elsewhere.  Filipino man was touchy at certain points throughout the date, just a brush here, and his arms was around me at some point too.  I appreciated the touchiness because I want to see how I felt with him physically.

Saturday morning, I agreed to go to a volleyball training session with volleyball coach.  I thought we were going together, but turns out he was coaching on that particular day.  I admit that it was really sexy to see him in his element.  He’s a great volleyball coach and clearly knows what he’s doing.  He made me feel nervous about my own skills!  Nervousness was a good feeling because it means that I care enough to be nervous about it.  He coached me like the other players, but we still got to chat in-between breaks.  After volleyball, we went to grab a bite and I was waiting to meet up with my family but it took longer than expected.  We walked around the local mall.  He initiated holding hands and then kissing… our first kiss was in a ghetto grocery store in a local mall.  It was sweet, and my type of romance.  The date continued on as my family was really late and he invited me back to his place to shower.  We took turns showering and I met his dog.  He initiated more kissing and it felt nice, but I admit that I was nervous again.  I enjoyed it a lot to my own surprise though I wanted to keep things slow.

Volleyball coach is really breaking down this barrier that I had and even I am surprised.  This is the first time after my break-up that I’ve felt nervous about someone, because I’m actually starting to like volleyball coach.  I have no doubts that he also feels the same way.  He asked me to stay, but I said that I had to go meet up with my parents.

I’m quite certain that I like volleyball coach.  And I’m glad that it is volleyball coach and not Filipino man.  Filipino man is not ready for something serious.


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