Nervous Dates

Since I’ve stopped seeing sales guy, I’ve met two new guys that in comparison seem like better matches for me.  First is the volleyball coach and we have so much in common.  We both enjoy playing volleyball, we both have dogs, we realized we worked at the same company at some point too.  During the first date he showed up 20 mins late and I realize that he doesn’t know how to navigate himself downtown.  He seemed to have poor time management as he was debating asking me out to dinner or heading to his birthday party.  Physically he is not bad looking though he is a bit short.  I admit that while we got along well, my first impression of him was not very good.

I almost called off my second date with volleyball coach because he didn’t offer to pick me up and I figured it was another sign that he was disoriented and didn’t have a lot of dating experience.  I was really tired, on my period and  I just came to the second date without make-up and ready to dread it.  Again, the interaction was good.  I feel like there is a connection.  We both like to keep healthy and I noticed that he was a good dresser.  He came across more confident this time.

The other man that I met was Filipino man.  He works for the city and seems to be a nature lover.  He asked me out for beer, he picked a decent place and as we got on the topic of brewery tours he initially came off as being clueless about brewery tours and didn’t understand the concept of winery tours.  I’ve been really harsh, and mentally I wished I wasn’t there but it seems like maybe nerves was also an issue with Filipino man because he and I connected really well afterwards.  I was especially impressed when we got up and he helped adjust my backpack and hood.  I think a bit of physical connection is really needed for me to figure out if I enjoy it.  By the end of the night I decided that I liked Filipino man, it was just a complete turn around.

Sales man (the guy I dated and had to let go because I wasn’t into him) said to me that I seem very hot and cold.  I agree with that.  I try to go with my initial feel of the person, but sometimes my initial feel of that person isn’t the same as our on-going interactions and they surprise me.  It feels like I’m impatiently waiting for someone that I find suitable to come around.  Upon reflecting on it, I think I need to give both of these guys more time to see what they are really like.  I think in most circumstances, I would be more optimistic.  There are two guys that I feel are good to me, decent looking and could make my life better.


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