There are Three Men

So now there are three men.  There’s sales man who I recently went on a second date with and it went well and there was a few pecks on the lips at the end which was really nice.  I’m starting to like him, though I’m not too attached and still keeping an open mind about new opportunities.

There’s the new handsome guy that I met, though he’s slow with texting, he was thoughtful in calling me before the date.  He was less than impressive during the date however.  He was boring, talked a lot about himself and his dating experiences and came off as being sheltered and douchy.  For example, his idea of buying a brand name is to get a huge logo right and center on the piece of clothing.  When he just shuts his mouth for a second though, he is quite dreamy.

Then there is the disaster of a man that is the fitness freak.  I know him through a friend and I follow him on social media.  He’s been asking me out, but I wasn’t sure if he just wanted to hang out with our mutual friend too or just me.  Well, one night he asked if I wanted to smoke up, I was hesitant and said I didn’t want to go out.  He decided that he would come over to smoke up with me then sleep over on my couch.  I agreed, and we did just that.  It was not until the next night that he called me drunk to confess that he liked me and all this stuff that he said was running through his mind.  He even made plans to come back again, but it has since been snuffed.  Fitness freak reminds me of Mystery Man.  He doesn’t know what he wants, is superficial and seems to love companionship, cuddling (though we didn’t do that, he just suggested it), and staying over at my place.  That needs to be nipped in the butt because I’m not interested in that at all.  I did admit that it crossed my mind that he could be a fun fling, but we have a mutual friend that he confides in so that is not a good recipe for a a fling.

The good news about all of this is that I can feel my sex drive coming back just a bit.  I have a good mix of men that I can assess against each other and I feel like I’ve learned from my past mistakes in picking the wrong guy and picking too quickly.  It’s about taking it slow.  Though I like the sales guy, our dates are spaced out and I am taking this opportunity to just stick to my plan of getting myself out there.


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