Lab Ops Man and the End of CMB

I met Lab Ops Man online and he has reaffirmed my decision to lay off on the online dating for a bit to explore more real life interactions.  I feel like I’ve been talking to the same type of men online.  They all seem to be Asian, very short, and extremely sheltered.  Lab Ops Man was a prime example of that.

Lab Ops Man works in a lab improving processes, although I knew from us chatting that he studied history in school in hopes of becoming a teacher and he didn’t seem overly religious.  He also seems to have some aspects of his life together because he tells me he does meal prep and goes to the gym from time to time.  A few things I didn’t like about him was that he lives at home with his parents, goes to an all boys school, and that he was bald.

Anyway, he picks me up in his brand new Honda Civic, which he is financing because he didn’t want to go through the options of buying a used car.  The whole time it felt like he was unintelligent and just has no drive.  He drove me to brunch and starts parking in a paid parking lot before I point out that parking on the street would be cheaper.  We find a spot and I pay for the parking through my app.  When we get to the breakfast diner, they tried to seat us in the smallest table, which is when I asked for a booth.  Coming back at the end of the date, I was trying to figure out where the car was parked and we both just stopped walking.  It was then that I realized that I was leading and if I stopped walking, so would he.

Lab Ops Man was so sheltered.  He is 34 years old and lives at home with his parents having never lived on his own even during college years.  He doesn’t like to go out, and he can’t remember ever going to a concert.  This all falls into the stereotype of going to an all boys school.

I think I’ve exhausted my matches in my area on Coffee Meets Bagel anyway, so I think it’s time to move on from that.


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