Helicopter Man

This is a short post on another man that I met today through the Coffee Meets Bagel app.  He fixes helicopter so I’ll refer to him as Helicopter Man.  He lives about just under two hour drive away from town and I think he just met up with me because he was in the area and it was very spur of the moment.  I agreed and we ended up at a burger joint together.

I noticed as he was coming in that he was quite short, but our conversation had a nice flow.  We talked about living on the east coast versus living on the west coast and his challenges with moving and registering himself.  We seem to agree on many things.

He’s a few years older than me, though he doesn’t seem to be ready to settle down any time soon.  He talks about wanting to work in another international location after finishing another year at his current workplace.  Ultimately, he wants to go back to the west coast where he comes from.  So, in the short term, he lives nearly two hours drive away and in the long term he is moving away anyway.  I can’t see this working.

I asked for separate bills.  I don’t want to obligate him to pay, especially since I don’t see this going further.  He offered to drive me home and I accepted.  As we got up to leave I realize that he is so short.  He is barely 160cm and I think that’s roughly 5’3.  I’m convinced that this app has a large population of short people.  I can’t do short, at least not that short so that was another deal breaker.

Again, it felt good to get out and go on a date and it wasn’t an eye rolling date either so I’m grateful for that.  There will be no second date though.


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