Sit Back and Relax

Maybe our little rift in the relationship recently has made Mystery Man more appreciative of me.  He invited me put with his school friends and openly acknowledged me as his girlfriend.  While we are official, he has never openly acknowledged this before.  He now also shows signs of possessiveness around me and makes it a point to make it clear that I’m with him.

We both don’t want this to end, and what I think is that he has had this internal struggle for some time now.  Him vocalising it with me created some pressure from me to address the problem and make some kind of decision.  There is some tension now and it seems like he wants to try to make us work.

On a side note, it’s been years since anyone has openly acknowledged me as their girlfriend.  I’ve been in too many non-serious relationships.  It feels so good to be acknowledged by someone that I care deeply about.

I worry about the fate of the relationship, but maybe I just need to sit back and enjoy it.  I know where I want it to go.  I have that figured out and really, this struggle is his struggle.  He needs to figure out himself and I probably just need to butt out.


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