Vacation with Mystery Man

I’m so grateful that vacation with mystery man panned out to be everything I hoped it would be and more.  It was so amazing and it just felt so surreal.  The vacation was just packed with so much action that it felt so long even though it was only a week.

I am so glad that I mystery man came along because travelling with the right person is so much better than travelling alone by far.  Having a date for the wedding and sharing the incredible experience felt so fulfilling.  Just everything went right.  We upgraded the car rental and mystery man was so incredibly happy to be driving a flashy sports car.  The wedding was the most perfect wedding I’ve ever attended.  Everything was just so classy and the setting was just unreal.

Mystery man absolutely loved the vacation and it was the perfect mixture of relaxation and exploration.  Since it was a wedding with many others, there were other people that we ended up hanging out with as well so it mixed up the social setting.  The social interactions with the others kept things interesting so that it wasn’t just the two of us talking to each other for the whole week.  It even felt good to have a third wheel coming along with us on an extended bike ride.  The quality of the friends that we hung out with was superb and so much better than our mutual friends at home.  Everyone was respectable, supportive and really appreciated our relationship chemistry.  One friend even commented on how well we got along.   He was really sweet and when I am feeling sick or too tired, he willingly goes out of his way to make sure that he is doing what he can to help me.

Mystery man is someone that I feel free to express myself with.  If I am annoyed, then I am annoyed, and if I am mad, then I am mad.  I make it clear with him how I am feeling and he also feels comfortable with me and says it as it is.  This is something that I’ve had trouble with in the past because I don’t express these feelings and chalk it up to “picking the right fights”, which eventually led to avoiding conflict altogether.

Overall, I think the trip brought us closer together.  Being able to travel with someone and tolerate them for days on end without too much separation is a big feat.  He’s not one to admit it, but he has an attachment to me in a good way.  He makes small comments and makes it clear that he really enjoys our weekends together.  Most recently he showed his preference for me to be in the city during the weekends so that we can spend it together.

Now that we are back from vacation, we both have so many work and personal things to tend to immediately.  He is fully immersed in a funding campaign for his startup and I am off to Boston to kick-off a new project in a few days.  Some time apart after a whole vacation together would be good to allow us to reflect on things.  We’ve seen way more of each other on this trip than we ever had; the good and the bad.  I’m sure we’re both asking ourselves whether this is something that we want.


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