Our Friends Aren’t Supportive

I think I write a lot about my emotional conflicts, and this is driven by my need to offload them somewhere.  It is the gaps in my writing that represents me being at peace.  Despite people around me taunting and poking at the relationship, I am at peace with it at the moment.

The reason for the taunting from our mutual group of friends is firstly because they are childish, and secondly because we’re just not openly declaring it, but neither are we denying that we are together.  It’s clear that we’re together, but a select few in the group are making it their job to make us feel as uncomfortable about it as possible.  I admit that these people make me feel quite insecure about my relationship with mystery man.  He thinks it is childish and just ignores it as much as possible, though I can see that some of it gets to him to, it has to.

My problem with this is that these people, who are supposedly our friends are not respecting our privacy firstly, and I would go so far to say that there are a few that seem to be unsupportive of us being together in a really passive-aggressive way.  I get it though, mystery man and I being together takes something away from them.  It changes the group dynamic, it takes away their chances with dating me, and it means that mystery man will prioritize me.  I mentioned this other girl in the group that I am not so fond of, and she is one who is particularly negative about us being together and often makes offhanded comments about it.

He has made it really clear to me that he prioritizes me, takes time out of his life to be with me and I feel content with where we are at.  We are getting more comfortable with each other and more integrated with each other’s lives.  Unlike before where I felt like I seldom see him except for on weekends when we do stuff with friends, he is actually around a lot more these days.  It is a good balance and although we can’t say for certain where things will go (he is a realist after all), at this very moment I am very content with it.  I feel like the stability of the relationship has overall lifted my mood in life.

So, do away with the friends, right?  Well, there is only a handful that seem to have a negative impact and honestly, I would, but I also see his attachment to them too.  He chose to celebrate his birthday with these friends this year.

2 thoughts on “Our Friends Aren’t Supportive

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