Budding Relationship

This past weekend, mystery man and I spent Friday night together, had hot sex and then Saturday morning he said that he made plans to have lunch and hang out with this girl.  This girl happens to be the same girl that he suddenly brought to a mutual friend’s party and flirted with the whole night.  This whole ordeal ended up with us separating and really re-evaluating where we were going with the relationship.  So of course I was taken back when he told me he was hanging out with her.

We’ve spoken about the incident at the party and he is aware of how I feel about this girl.  He has since made me feel more comfortable about the situation.  He invited me to come have lunch with them and to shopping afterwards.  I didn’t want to be stuck in an awkward situation so I said that I won’t intrude on their lunch but that I’ll come shopping with them.  I thought about the shopping and I wasn’t sure on that either but I gave it some extra thought.  He says this girl is just a friend, and he has on a different occasion showed me that he puts me ahead of her.  I decide to go with them, and just be cool about it.  I am okay with him having female friends.

So he comes to pick me up after they go to lunch and when I come to the car, I see that she has moved to the back.  He must have spoken to her about it, and she knows we’re together.  Now, I didn’t want to be the one making it awkward for her and making her feel like a third wheel.  I chatted to her a bit, and on the way to the second mall I sat in the back with her and braided her hair and we realized that we had some mutual friends.  Overall, I’m glad to have come out with them and not only did it make me feel better about their relationship being a platonic one, it showed him that I could be cool with his female friends.

I still feel that it was wrong of him to bring her out to our mutual friend’s party, and not letting me know ahead of time and then mostly ignoring me during the party.  I want to think that I may have overreacted but I don’t think that I did.  I still felt that he was unnecessarily secretive about it and was not considerate of my feelings.  I am really glad that we talked about it and he is aware of it.  I do find that he is overall less flirtatious with other females, even that one that is in the group that I think he has feelings for.

He has grown closer to me and I can see that he is genuinely showing this.  His female friend admitted to me that he was searching for the piece of chocolate cake that I was so badly craving.  I see him growing a physical attachment to me as well.  We cuddle a lot more now and I catch him taking a whiff of me, and to me that means that he enjoys my scent and is connected with it.  Scent is a very strong thing for me, and I find that I am very attracted to his scent.  He also wants to do stuff with me it seems, and suggested doing some more shopping on our own together even thought we didn’t need to buy anything.  It makes me feel good that we are getting closer.

The minion guy, who is our friend but who also has a crush on me has distance himself from the group of friends.  He was kind of the glue that brought everyone together because he initiated lots of the social events.  Since he stopped calling everyone together, mystery man has really picked up the initiative to get everyone together.  With minion guy largely being out of the picture, I find that mystery man is generally more open about the relationship, even to the other girls in the group.  I find this to put me at ease and brings our relationship to a different level.

Mystery man still worries about whether he can spend enough time with me.  He thinks ahead and realizes that he will be busy in early summer when his relatives will be in town for a wedding and he will be busy entertaining them.  I am okay and can understand when he is busy, although I admit that it helps when I am not always questioning where the relationship is going.

I am happy to see the relationship bud and the connection between us becoming stronger.  In some ways I think that the break that we took from each other was helpful in helping him reconsider whether this was what he wanted.




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