Lessons Learned in Dating

So if both mystery man and baseball guy are not what I am looking for, then what is it that I am actually looking for?  Being so exposed to all of the things that I don’t want, I must have learned something about what I do want.

Here’s a list of what I found to be more important to me:

  • Someone who is genuinely a nice person, even when they are in a unideal situation.  They are not vindictive or manipulative.  A person that I can connect to on a down-to-earth kind of way, someone that is real and can speak their mind, isn’t reserved, but knows when to hold their tongue when the situation calls for it.
  • Willing to do things with me like go to shows, on vacation with me, and just try new things with me that may be outside of their comfort zone
  • Someone who doesn’t make me feel insecure about who I am to them, and takes it upon themselves to reassure me that I am special to them
  • Always bettering themselves whether it is learning a new language, challenging themselves at the gym, has a hobby and just generally striving for more in life and is ambitious
  • A good listener and remembers things – not only towards me, but to others.  Genuinely likes to get to know others for non-selfish reasons
  • Someone that doesn’t impose themselves on my life and expects me to share everything in my life with them immediately
  • Someone that phones me, and puts in an effort to connect even when they are busy and doesn’t ignore me.
  • A giving person, one that isn’t selfish and is looking for some kind of reciprocation.  Someone that doesn’t allow the relationship to get out of balance in terms of giving and receiving.




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