It Takes Time

What I really didn’t realize before is that it takes time for a guy to fall in love.  It’s a much slower and gradual process for them that requires a lot of patience in someone like me.  For me, I may not be into them at the beginning, but the physical connection really bonds me to him.  Once I decide that I’m into him, it’s more of a switch rather than a slow and gradual process.  I continue to get to know him, and judge the kind of person that he is, but at this point it would take a lot for me to change my mind.  Clearly, the way I fall in love is quite illogical and after the initial part of the relationship it becomes driven mainly by emotions.

I have been at the point where I’ve decided that I really like him for quite some time now, but I finally am starting to see that his interest is developing into something deeper.  His behaviour towards me is not just one of interest, but I can feel a change in him making him more sentimental and has more of a capacity to care about me.

It seems like to him, the first few months of our relationship was nothing more than a getting to know each other over drinks kind of deal.  There was intrigue, flirtatiousness, and excitement, but it wasn’t deep.  He gets excited to see me, but he didn’t really miss me when I was gone.  This is also apparent when I realize how little details he remembers of the time we spent together.  For me, it was something special as we strengthened our bond, and so I remember lots of these details.  Now I can understand the generalization that guys can’t remember how they met you and first dates.  It’s probably not true in every case, but I think in my case this generalization is very accurate.  He can’t recall whether I’ve met his sister, whether we’ve worked out together before and this weekend he told me two interesting things that I originally told him because he clearly doesn’t remember that it was me that he got the tidbit of information from to begin.

I’m not mad at him at all actually.  I just find it interesting and I can really feel that he is different now.  He’s becoming more attached.  He indicates that he wishes he can spend more time with me, and he shows that he is sad when he leaves my place at the end of the weekend.  His words carried more meaning as he congratulated me on my recent graduation.  It really is these little things that mean a lot to me.

Things have been going really well and this weekend with him was amazing.  I’m convinced that it went well because we were not having to hide our relationship and keeping it under wraps from our mutual friends.  I took him as my date to my convocation, and it really was an event where I showed him a glimpse into my life.  My schoolmates really respected my ambitiousness and hard work ethics.  One of my best friends was also there and he always praises me as well.  I think that this was the first time he saw me in this light and I think it definitely instilled something more in him.  I think he saw me as a natural leader that’s well respected, and generous.

So the reason why we are keeping things under wraps with our mutual friends is for several different reasons, however on my side it really is for privacy.  We don’t know where things are going to go and we don’t want to ruin the feel of the group.  And of course I think both of us are a little hesitant to officiate the relationship in that way, we aren’t there yet.  That said, it felt so incredibly refreshing to be able to hang out as a couple at this event this weekend.  It felt so natural, and I think it really brought us together.


It feels good to finally get this concept, and to see the change in his behaviour as our bond grows.



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