Secret Relationship

Mystery man continues to devote his time, and we’ve been constantly at each other’s places. A lot of comfortable hanging out with each other and going to lots of group events. I’ve slept with him a few times now and I’m not feeling a really deep connection with him. We don’t kiss that much either. I think it’s just us together, we’re just both so reserved.

I do like him a lot and I think that he and I are on the same wavelength, but it’s that we are so alike that makes it difficult for us to overcome this challenge of being open. We’re both scared of rejection. 

At the same time we both have so much at risk. Almost all of our friends now are mutual friends that we hang out with weekly. We’ve been keeping it under the radar.

But at some point, we need to decide whether it’s worthwhile, but maybe I need to put more into it before I can make that decision. It’s kind of a catch-22.  I plan to ask him about it, but at the same time I am unsure whether I’m ready for this.

He makes me feel insecure with his actions to cover up our affair, but I know that he’s doing it to protect what we have as well. I don’t want to come public with it and I really just want to simply cherish the connection that we have and let it develop naturally and not under the scrutiny of our mutual friends.


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