Enjoying Mystery Man

For the first time, I feel smothered by a man that I absolutely adore and it feels really good.  Maybe this is what reciprocating love feels like, and I enjoy it!  Mystery man has spent the last 48 hours non stop with me. The whole weekend! I think it’s amazing that we can spend that much time together and not be irritated with each other.

As much as I enjoy every second of it, by the end I do feel a bit smothered. I need time to refresh myself, clean my apartment, workout and just feel centered. And I think that he must feel the same too.

He has been so sweet to me and is putting in lots of effort. From holding the umbrella to buying me drinks and making sure that I feel comfortable. We stay up watching this series together and we cuddle a lot.

Although there’s some sexual tension he’s really not going for the sex and so I’m not putting out. We’ve had some heavy petting one early morning and that was nice in a playful way but I didn’t feel pressured to have sex with him.

I am scared because I’m falling for him all over again, but unlike other guys in my past he makes me feel secure and safe about it because he is putting in the effort now. He acknowledges that I’m a catch and he also sees this in other guys that are interested in me too.   It does feel like he likes me for me and we share many commonalities.

I do sometimes think about what would happen if he just stopped.  It would be awkward as hell since we see each other at events all the time, but honestly it seems like we share the belief that at this point we are mature enough to make this decision.

We would both be making sacrifices if we are to move ahead with this, but I feel good about it. It feels right, but we are both precautious and have kept it on the down low from everyone else. See, sometimes you just want to enjoy each other without the drama and judgement of others. This is a good example of this.


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