Mystery Man Continues to Impress

I wasn’t sure what mystery man was thinking after the boring dinner.  I left it alone and he came back to message me and offered a ride to a pub event. I had way too many drinks throughout the night and mystery man took me home and crashed with me.

We kind of just stumbled on the couch and then he suggested going to bed. So he slept over. He never suggested sex at any point but there was some nice cuddling action. He started kissing me in the morning and I wasn’t sure about it. I know we’ve kissed before, but I wanted a romantic kiss and one that’s not on the bed.

He stayed with me the whole day! We went to breakfast, walked through a street festival, and then came back to play video games, nap and then go for dinner and played some more video games. It was such an odd day, but I enjoyed it. I’m not so used to being so unproductive.

We really got to know each other and it might be crazy but I really love him. It comes naturally for me to admit that to myself. It’s not just the connection that we have and our commonalities, but I can see how we complement each other.

His efforts make me feel wanted and not like I’m in this alone, that my feelings for him are reciprocated. I feel more grounded now. I guess it took some time for him to decide to take action and maybe it was partly me opening myself up for it. I’m not sure.

Not sure how this happened but he said he would cook for me something quite elaborate this week. I’m excited about it and the budding romance, but I do remain apprehensive. I do still have insecurities that he may just be in this for the chase, and I’m not sure of his capabilities to maintain a relationship.

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