Mystery Man Stepping Up His Game

Mystery man is bringing up his game, that’s for sure. He spent a good chunk of time during the group road trip talking to me and trying to get a seat beside me during dinners, sometimes unsuccessfully. Well, mostly unsuccessfully and then he’ll make eye contact with me across the table. Huge bonus points for making the motor ski-doo experience happen for me. Nobody wanted to do it and so he spearheaded the whole thing and got 4 people to come and went ahead to pay for it too.

The water skiing was an amazing and exhilarating experience. I just loved it and it was quite intimate. He stripped down to his boxers since we weren’t prepared with swim suits. It was hilarious and carefree. I really tried to take it all in as it happened.

We went to a try Hakka food, which is what he is and it was so cute how he tried to explain which dishes were what and how he nervously looked at me to see whether I was enjoying it.  I hugged him goodbye at the end and thanked him for driving a bunch of us.

After coming back home, I expected things to settle down to normal. We did have a dinner plan together but I didn’t figure we would talk before then. Surprisingly he messaged me the very next day to confirm dinner and then poked around at other things for conversation topics. We ended up playing games until the late hours of the night. This time he insisted that we chat, instead of me insisting as usual.

So for the dinner he had asked me to make him food. I refused to make him the traditional dish he asked for and said I’ll do that on a weekend instead. So I’m making him a few different dishes instead. He knows it’s just the two of us, he even asked whether my cousin would be over.

I lied to my cousin and said that I had a friend over this week when really I just need some me time. This is important to me and I’m nervous about it. I was initially offput by having to cook for him given that it’s a lot of work and I didn’t feel like he was really trying. So it does feel like he’s trying now, and he even pranced around gay town with me skipping around in front of everyone.

So, dinner at my place and then what? See, I’m not sure.  I even considered getting a gaming console to fill the time and mainly busy our hands. Will he make a move? We’ve already hooked up before and I’m really not looking for sex with him at this point. All this effort, just for sex? Doesn’t seem right.

I do think he’s still seeing the other girl too. It’s not official, and I think he’s trying to cut things off. That’s none of my business is what I think actually. I think it fazed me before because he would bring her around and she was just all over him, which made me jealous.

What I was surprised about was my period! I shared a room with two other girls and our period cycles synced and I’m two weeks early! I don’t plan to have sex but I really wanted to feel sexy! I’m not appreciating my natural cycle right now!

I really don’t know what to expect at all. Sure, it is effort that he’s putting in but I still feel that a traditional date is what’s missing. I’m still not sure what this all is. It honestly could just be dinner between two friends and that’s it. I could just be a nice friend cooking dinner for another friend and after dinner he could just go home.

I don’t want much, just a gesture to seal his interest, a kiss. That’s it! We can take it from there.

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