Digging Up Old Bones

So many things have been happening on the boys front.  Okay, so mystery man and I have been turning on the flirt game real hard during group gatherings with the latest being our playful touching in the public eye of our mutual friends without being caught.  Drawing on each other with pens, and then some sexy action on the dance floor.  This is all whilst he is still messaging the other girl he’s dating.  So, I’m playing it cool and going along with this one.  After all, he’s just dating and not particularly serious with anyone yet and so it seems natural, despite my feelings of jealousy.  Nothing really has happened after this night of dancing and he seemed as distant as ever.

The Greek guy came back into the picture.  As a reminder, he was my fling after socks jock.  He messaged me and so I guess I felt that he would help bring me some perspective and give me a distraction from the mystery man who has been running through my mind non-stop.  He started saying some nice things like how we should watch a movie sometime (something we never did before).  I invited him over this all went down drain, and things got hot and heavy (for him) immediately.  I saw him and nothing seemed to jive with me from his ugly Amish-type beard, to his bad e-cigarette breath, to his sweat and cheap business attire.  I asked him to massage me, and as usual, he always asks me to reciprocate.  When I did, he started sweating profusely on his back and I was just disgusted with him!  It wasn’t the sweat, it was just everything.  At this point I was already topless, I grabbed my dress and put it back on, told him I wasn’t feeling it and he scrambled to get his clothes back on and left.  It was super awkward, but I absolutely do not regret my decision.

Okay, so if Greek guy can message me after a bit of a hiatus, why can’t I message someone from my past to see what might happen?  I got curious, and as I’m getting back into volleyball I decide to message the pie guy!  This is the guy that disappeared after a 6 week fling where I became head over heels in love with him.  Can’t hurt, right?  I don’t have any feelings for him anymore and I figure let’s see what happens.  48 hours later, and no response.  None.  Oh well, I’m unaffected.  I guess there’s a reason why these things didn’t work.  I learned my lesson about digging up old bones quick.

So mystery man’s BFF (aka BFF), thinks he’s my BFF and is possibly interested in me.  He’s begging me to go camping with him next weekend, which I’m saying no to because I don’t do camping and I don’t have enough of an interest.  I would rather spend some time to re-center myself and clean some junk out of my place.  He’s putting in the effort to message me everyday about just nonsensical stuff.  He thought I was mad at him a week back and bought me chocolate covered strawberries to apologize.  He’s really sweet, but I’m not sure whether I’m into him and I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt because I’ve slept with mystery man.  He doesn’t know I’ve slept with mystery man, but if that came to light I think it could ruin any connection that we had.  He’s also a very naive kind of guy, who doesn’t seem to have the capacity to be in a serious relationship.  He has established our platonic relationship, except it doesn’t seem so platonic.

So, you would think that’s it, right? Nope.  Enter mystery man again.  I message him about some tactical planning for our upcoming road trip with the group of friends.  He responses at first seem curt and to the point, and I think to myself okay… he’s sending me a message.  Then he opens himself up to talk about how he’s just finished building some furniture at his new place.  I ask for a photo of his work, he sends one and then we get into a full fledged conversation about bedding, where he dodges a joke that I make about him being perverted.  He kept the conversation a mature conversation with little to no hint of sexy flirting and avoided sexual innuendos, as this is the usual theme with our mutual group of friends.  It was nice and then he suggested that I cook dinner for him next week.  I said absolutely not and that he should cook dinner for me!  It might be his way of getting some time with me, which I appreciate, but I’m definitely not going to bend over backwards to cook for him.  I’m not the typical girl that he dates and there is no way that I’m doing that.

In retrospect, my recent interactions with mystery man has been quite positive.  I think he has a new found appreciation for me as he got to know me more through hanging out with our mutual friends.  He has been open to all of my requests, and has insisted on many things such as playing video games with me.  He has praised me for some work that I did and he has actually gone out of his way to be the driver on this upcoming road trip so that I don’t have to be driving 14 hours.  See, I don’t think that I’m the typical kind of girl that he dates, but I wonder if he’s reconsidering.

Doesn’t matter how things pan out I guess.  I’m getting back into volleyball in the fall, and it could be good to meet people.  I’m super pumped to get back into the game too.  My friend has convinced me to join soccer as well, and I’ve already purchased shoes and shin pads, so I guess I’m also committed to that.

This road trip should be interesting as I think there’s probably five different guys that have shown different levels of interest in me on the trip.  I’m completely overwhelmed and I think the key here is to try to spend as much time with the girls on the trip as possible.   It would be good for me to learn how to develop these types of relationships.  And I guess the other key thing here is not to over think it.  I already have assumptions of how some things may play out.


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