Hot and Cold Men

So here’s the update on the men…  There’s the minion guy who has started to show a lot of interest towards me and making some ballsy moves. He’s great to me, except he’s not right for me. He’s going back to school to do an architecture degree and he’s obese. As open minded as I am, I just can’t dig it.  I wonder if I could just subtly let him know that I’m not interested or whether I have to be frank about it, which is not my preference since we have mutual friends.

I recently saw the guy that I misjudged in the past, this was awhile back and I mentioned him before. He seems as cold to me as ever, and maybe I deserve it. He’s not mean, but his judgemental tone probably reflects his resentment towards me. It doesn’t affect me, but I am aware of it.   It is probably his own way of distancing himself from me.

I get the same feel from mystery man these days. He’s officially ignoring me and refuses to directly respond to anything that I say. This comes a few days after I decided to take a break from these group chats. This is also after the whole incident when he brought this other girl to the same social event that I was attending. This does affect me and I wonder if it’s a mind game or if he’s trying to cope with his own feelings towards me.

He is hot and cold towards me, but mainly cold after we had sex.  I know he doesn’t want to commit and he’s not right for me, but I need more time to let this one go. It doesn’t help that we often see each other through mutual friends.

He actually reminds me a bit of my high school boyfriend who would get upset over the smallest things and refuses to talk to me. It would drive me to be so anxious and it would start to consume me. I was not used to this being ignored. Growing up, conflict in my home was taken out in yelling matches.  I eventually held a bit of resentment because of his actions and I let him go. The high school boyfriend was just not emotionally mature, and the grown mystery man may be going through his own thing.

Personally, I think he feels guilty for sleeping with me. It was an elaborate and manipulative plan on his part which wasn’t thought through since we have mutual friends. He doesn’t want to lead me on because he doesn’t want a relationship, but yet when he sees me he’s very physically attracted to me. At least that’s what I think.

I really don’t need this, but it’s not so easy to pull away from a social group, and I don’t want to either. I’ve definitely given some space and hope for the best when we see each other on a weekend long road trip with everyone.

I also have another man that’s in the picture at the moment that is showing a lot of potential, but I’ll save that for the next post.


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