Penis Shirt Man

I wanted to forget about the mystery man. I tried to take my mind off him by going on a date with the penis shirt man, but I just don’t think he’s right for me. He shows up to the date with a shirt with rockets on it, but the rockets look like penises. Then I can’t help but notice that his ass is practically inverted. He’s fat, but with no ass. He’s super knowledgeable about food and restaurants everywhere. It was impressive because I identify as a foodie, but that seems to be the extent of our connection.

He tells me that his brother is in a religious cult and his father is a pastor. He himself is not religious, but it seems like his family has issues stemmed from being bullied at a young age. This is too much on a first date for me.

It reaffirmed that I wanted the mystery man. We finally reconnected at a smaller social outing and I think he was trying to see my reaction to what happened. I was my normal self, joyful and friendly and I think that reassured him that I was fine with the whole hookup thing and wasn’t about to make it weird. He played footsies with me under the table and later that night I asked him to fix my lightbulb and he agreed.

I wanted to show him that we had things in common other than our physical attraction for each other. Knowing that he is part of a start-up, I shared with him a soap making business that I had started a few years back. I asked for his marketing insights and he was happy to share and said he would help me.  We also exchanged phone numbers, because previously we are just on social media. So now, he has initiated the social media connection and the phone number exchange.

Maybe I misjudged why he didn’t call me out. There’s a lot at stake considering we are in the same extended group of friends. Despite hooking up, we don’t have much of a connection. This is a new thing we have going and he’s probably still deciding what to make of it.

Seeing him really cleared my mind off the crazy and took me back to reality. Yes, he’s a bit of an ass for his scheme to hookup with me, and now he’s also unclear on what he wants from me. He’s interested, but there’s a lot at stake. It’s a budding of something new and it should be exciting for me and not stressful. There’s potentially a man that I like that may like me back! But it’s up to him to decide where he wants to take it.

It doesn’t warrant me pausing my dating life for him and it definitely doesn’t warrant me going psycho because he hasn’t called me. It also doesn’t warrant me to stalk him and scheme on how to see him more often. That is his responsibility. My responsibility is to be receptive and continue to focus on me. I think a man likes that, a girl that is capable and independent and has something that makes her different from the rest that he can connect with. And that’s all that I can do, be the best me.


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