Mystery Man

I met mystery man a few times at social meet-up events, and each time he has shown a subtle interest in me.  He’s quiet and it is rather difficult to read him, which is why I’ve named him mystery man.  When I first met him, I thought that he was a shy and reserved person who was genuinely nice.  He’s not particularly good looking, and because of that I found him to be approachable.  He added me on Facebook after meeting me, and I took it as a sign of interest.  I subtly flirted with him, and I dangled this bait in front of him.

Was I interested in him? Yes, actually I was but I wasn’t sure how interested I actually was.  I didn’t think anything would come of it because he seemed reserved.  As I got to know him better, I realized that he actually isn’t very shy at all.  He’s actually very sociable and maybe a a bit selective of who he interacts with.

He flirted back with me and accepts my offer for such things as a group dinner and offers me rides back home when we’re out with the group.  He took the lead and things escalated quickly.  During an after-party event he asked if I wanted to grab a bite, and I agreed.  He paid and I guess it was kind of a date.  He told me that he’s too exhausted to drive home and will crash at my place, I agreed and loved that he was taking the lead.  He pulls the classic “let’s watch a movie” move and starts to make the move on me.

From the moment he asked to come over, I knew that he would be pulling a move on me, and I was okay with that but I didn’t have enough time to think about whether I would allow it to escalate to sex and what the possible implications would be.  We begin to make out and I’m making the mental decision about how far I’d let it go.  I was a little drunk and ended up just going with it, after all, I did have an interest in him.

He was unexpectedly very good in bed, knew exactly what he was doing and was well prepared with a condom on-hand.  He was very interested in my pleasure and I enjoyed that very much.  He pulled some very pleasurable positions that I never thought would work with me.  It was all incredibly hot.  In fact, he was so good that it made me feel self-conscious about my performance, recalling that I got tired while on top.  He is also very well endowed, which again, I did not expect because he has a small build.  Just so many things about him took me by surprise.

So the reason why it was a difficult decision for me to make was because we have mutual friends, of which one of his close friend has expressed interest in me as well.  I’m sure he’s aware of this fact, but during the late-night dinner he said he believes in making sacrifices like this if he were to meet the right person.  He also received a fortune cookie that night to say he should be on the lookout for love, and that seemed appropriate…which were his exact words.

Except, I’m not sure what it all is.  Was it simply a hook-up, or does he actually have an interest in me?  It sure feels like a hook-up because we don’t know each other that well, and we’re not dating.  The sex seemed pleasure-driven and the limited interactions in the morning makes me feel like it’s just a hook-up.  Friendly small talk and a quick goodbye hug was the limited morning interaction.

I’ve decided that this is out of my hands.  He has not explicitly declared that he wants to date me, and so I will assume that it was just a hook-up unless he indicates otherwise.  I do want to believe that he is smart enough to think about the mutual friendships that we could be jeopardizing and that he’s not a big enough idiot to do that solely for a one night stand.  I just don’t know.

I do however feel more experienced and equipped to handle this situation.  I won’t be chasing after him and I won’t be devastated if he treats this as a one-night stand.  I’ve mentally convinced myself of this.  I am making an effort to concentrate on other things like my own busy life.  Today I cleaned my place, finished a few pending errands and decided to take on pilates again.

The other big difference is that I know that there are guys out there that are willing to treat me properly, and if he decides that he doesn’t want to date me and give me that then I can get that elsewhere.  There are a few other potentials, which I will cover in a future post.

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