A Step in the Right Direction

For the first time in my adult life I am able to accept that I’m not ready for a relationship.  I’m not actively seeking one out and I’m working on myself. I’ve deleted all my online dating profiles and taking the time to center myself.

First off is cleaning up all this emotional garbage. I’m literally cleaning my apartment and throwing away and donating stuff. I’ve also deleted all of the social media accounts that socks jock and I had together. It definitely took some internal push for me to do it but now I feel such a relief. I’m also ridding my life of all the negativity from my old job and the stressful school program. I’ve finally passed all my exams and projects!

Next up, I’m planning to move out closer to work. It’s a difficult decision for me, but the people who are close to me are supportive. I was apprehensive, but I realize how symbolic it will be for me. It will help me be in a different mental place, not to mention that it will force me to throw more things out.

A clean slate is what I will make out of it and I plan to take the opportunity to better my relationships with those who have a positive impact on my life.  Right now, I’m reevaluating who those people are and how to meet more people who will push me forward.

I’ve joined two volleyball leagues and am active in my social group. I’m interacting with lots of people but I find it difficult to build new meaningful friendships.  It’s a good start and even as I read this post I feel proud of myself and get the sense that I’m finally moving in the right direction.


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