Taking Back My Social Life

I’m finally done school and a heavy weight has been lifted from me.  It had been three gruelling years and now it’s time to re-focus on myself and my social life.  Of the things that are filling up my calendar a few notable things include: a trip to Las Vegas, throwing a toga party, camping (possibly) and joining two beach volleyball leagues.  I need to centre myself and get back to me being me.

It seems that my life has more or less been adhering to the six weeks rule, which is where there is a six week period from which I leave someone to when I find someone else who I find chemistry with.  So as a recap, after socks jocks, there was the chess guy who was a great distraction and there was nobody after chess guy, but I did try to force myself to date the blood guy for about 6 weeks.  Then I guess it’s possible that the Australian boy was about 6 weeks after.  On a side note, Australian boy is so cute but I met him while he was on a round-the-world trip so nothing will come of that.

So in addition to that, I have had Mr.Greek who has been my physical fling.  He is 100% a douchebag, but he’s really helped me relieve some sexual tension.  The great thing about him is that he reminds me about all the guys that I’ve dated that have not thought as much about me as I had about them.  It reminds me about what to avoid in a guy.  He is charismatic, intelligent, but I’m last on his list and more importantly, he is last on my list.  He reminds me a lot of the traveller, who wanted just a physical connection with me, but we ended up in a spot where things were blurry.  I have absolutely no intentions of letting Mr. Greek get anywhere near this blurry line.  It actually makes me feel empowered to be able to recognize him for what he is.  If Mr. Greek didn’t contact me again, ever, I would not even flinch.

I’m not on the online dating sites anymore, and am taking a more natural approach at the moment.  I’m not even actively seeking out someone to date.  I’d just like to see where things go, and if nothing comes up in the meantime then I will continue to use the time to find myself.


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