Life Changing West Coast

I’m not sure what I was looking for in New York, but I definitely did not find anything I wanted during my short trip other than some fantastic good eats.  My second trip was to Vancouver, and once again the west has captivated my heart with its beautiful scenic mountains.  This trip changed my life, and similar to my solo trip to Greece, it has changed me as a person even though I was only there for less than a week.

Vancouver was the very first place I’ve ever been on a real vacation and I went with my ex-boyfriend of four years.  I was pissed that of the short time we were there, he wanted to spend most of his time in a Best Buy deciding whether he wanted to buy the new iPad.  It’s five years later now, and I felt compelled to go back to where we stayed.  I didn’t know why but I went back to the hotel we stayed at and the area where we roamed.  It was like I was retracing my steps.  I re-lived our vacation, and although I wasn’t pissed it did affirm my decision to leave him.  Going back to Vancouver gave me a sense of closure, something that I didn’t think I needed since we had broken up so long ago.

I fell in love with the mountains in Vancouver last time and when I travelled to Whistler this time, a small town two hours away from Vancouver famous for the 2011 winter olympics I felt like I was falling in love with it all over again.  The town locals are made up of mainly Australians and Czechs who are in search of beauty and living a simple life working part-time for the hospitality industry.  The chill vibe of this small community has touched me. I also met a sweet Australian boy who was dangerously good looking and who kissed me on the cheek as I left.


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