I Chosed Singledom

I made my choice. I chose singledom. I couldn’t stand blood guy and his incessant chatter about his mother and his insecurities shown by his asking me out im front of the social group all the time.  I had to let him go.  I really tried hard to like him because he put in a good effort, there was just zero passion and chemistry.   We never even got around to trying out a kiss, it was that bad.

So I picked up and headed to New York to visit the chess guy, just with no expectations. Meanwhile, I met the lawyer intern and kept him on the side. I don’t like him, and he’s a bit of a douchbag but he’s funny, intelligent and I really needed to have sex. It had been way too long since socks jock. The lawyer intern is alright in bed, although a tad too vanilla and he has some difficulties keeping it up sometimes … He’s still really useful to have around and we have an agreement that it’s just casual. I know how to spot that he will not be able to commit, and we will never go down the same road as the traveller and I.

The chess guy was just a distraction for the time being. He was a good tourguide but otherwise he was rather intruding. I made the mistake of inviting him to stay over, but I was not sure whether I wanted to have sex. I offered to shorten his commute to work and since we were staying out late in the city. He tried really hard to seduce me with all this unwelcomed touching. I’ve never felt so violated.  Why didn’t I kick him out? I actually felt a little threatened by him and we have common friends. I really hated how he used my hotel room like it was his own. I despised him by the end of the trip. He’s a good example of someone who is deceptive to women.

So the fact of the matter is that I really haven’t met the right person yet and maybe that’s okay because some more distance from the socks jock relationship is probably what I need. I am also enjoying the single life more than ever.


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