Saving Myself

Firstly, this post is not about holding out on sex. It is literally about saving yourself from a terrible situation. I was in quite an unideal situation by the end of the relationship with socks jock. I was dissatisfied with how he was treating me, with my job and with my unreliable group of friends.  I was on the brink of depression and even saw a doctor who wanted to prescribe a bandage antidepressant fix.

I didn’t take the medication, and instead I made a plan to turn my life around.  I started planning a financially responsible exit from my job. I had a few leads to pick up my life and completely move away, however those leads eventually didn’t panned out. I proceeded to continue exploring other options and finally landed a job that would reduce my daily commute (which is something that has contributed to my stress level) and allow me to leave my emotionally toxic workplace and take a risk on something else. I’ve also started my own social group with the help of social media and things are slowly picking up.

I’ve also been trying out online dating again and wow that has been a complete shitshow.  I went on such a terrible date where Mr. Frugal insisted on splitting the bill and voiced his strong opinion about not paying for someone’s free drink or meal. I split the drinks but I knew that it just wasn’t going anywhere and his frugal speech was just the final straw.  We made our way to a fast food joint (because he didn’t want to eat at the bar).  While he took a bio break, and I was in line to pay for my own burger I had this urge to just leave.  I just walked out slowly and then made a dash for it, flagging down a cab and just left the horrible date. I’ve never done that before, but it definitely felt right. I have no regrets. Sometimes I just have to save myself.


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