A Relationship Based on Text Messages

My life is generally the same as when I was in the long distance relationship with socks jock because he was never really around anyway. I continue much of the same activities as before and I have more time to do things. The biggest difference is really… less text messaging back and forth.

When it came down to it, our relationship was built on a slew of back and forth text messages that built up the excitement for when we actually got to see each other.  It was just amazingly delightful when we were physically together on dates and there was so much romance. When we were apart, his text messages gave me a sense of security at times but his lack of real effort made me feel really confused. He has made the last year of my life a year full of ups and downs. 

It’s been more than six weeks now and I’ve had a boy to distract me, but it definitely still hurts. The reason is because I can’t seem to get over the highs of that relationship. It was so surreal.

Like an addict going through withdrawal, my life has felt really bland since the breakup. My work situation doesn’t seem as ideal and my circle of friends seem to be too busy with their own lives. I have been trying to connect with more people after the breakup, and that has been giving me some drive in life however it doesn’t seem like enough. I’ve recently put a lot of consideration into packing up to move to another city for an adventure.  I’m seeking a life change, which I hope would be for the better. I’m not sure if it’s the breakup that made me want it more than ever, but that’s all I seem to think about these days, a big life change. I’m not even as interested in dating again.


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