The Perfect Distraction

Six weeks later and like clockwork a coworker of mine, the chess guy shows his interest in me and I’m skeptical, but I reciprocate. My guard is up, and I’m right to have it up. He’s taking a chance because he has nothing to lose. He just quit to move to another city for a job. We’re not compatible, but we are close so I’m comfortable with him.

I’ve been burnt by the MBA guy who was also a coworker who did the same with me before leaving to do his MBA. I know better now. I use the chess guy to distance myself from socks jock.

Chess guy was a workplace crush, I wasn’t even really into him but we share a tight bond. He initiated and has in the past few days put a good effort into making me happy. I can’t recall the last time a man has tried so hard, and been so in tune with my feelings.

I know he’s going away. I didn’t sleep with him, but we held hands and he pecked me on the cheek. It was exactly what I needed to get my mind off of socks jock.

He too was also just getting over a broken heart. I think it was the perfect amount of distraction for the both of us. We both are using each other for the same reason… Something that I would not have recognize had I been less experienced.

I’m glad I didn’t sleep with him. I feel like it was a perfect and sweet goodbye.


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