My Worst Date Ever – A Tragicomedy

Cup of Whimsy

A few years ago, I had a bad date. And not just any bad date; a ridiculously bad date. So, of course, I documented it. I suppose this is the lemonade I made from the giant lemon life handed me. Apologies for the dated material, but I think that while I hated it, you will enjoy my terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad date.


January 2011

I was working out at the gym, and was having trouble adjusting the settings on a machine due to my lack of strength and/or coordination. A kindly meathead noted my struggle and gave me a hand. Later, as I was leaving the gym, he followed me out. Apparently he had been calling out to me for quite some time without me realizing, since I had my headphones in with Michael Jackson “hee-heeing” at full blast. When it finally registered that I was being pursued…

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