How to Train a Boyfriend

My little cousin taught me something really wise about relationships. And she’s credible because ahe doesn’t come from a broken family and actually has a good relationship with her parents. On a side note, most of my relationship issues are likely deeper rooted.

I was venting to her about how my boyfriend was pissing me off and her response was, “Why don’t you tell him?”… ah, so simple. She said to stand my ground so that he knows I’m angry, how else would he know? She said guys just don’t get it and ao they have to be trained. These were definitely wise words.

This was exactly my problem. I find it difficult because I don’t like confrontation, but I do know that it’s something that I could work on. I don’t like being pissy so I was straightforward and direct. It worked. He apologized and conceded.

Not being able to give the man a hard time for things that really does make me mad is one factor, among others that ended in the breakup of with my ex of four years. It wouldn’t have saved the relationship, but now I’ve learned something new. I have to “train” him to understand my feelings by being straightforward and firm.

Okay, got it! This is a huge step forward me in terms of relationships.


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