I Completely Misjudged Him

I’ve made a mistake about someone, a quick and false judgement about them that I may have some small regrets about.  As I was single and keeping an open mind, I met a guy that did not seem like my type at all.  He had long hair, had god awful taste in clothing – he was wearing a t-shirt, suspenders with snow pants when we first met.  He was personable, easy to talk to even during our first encounter.

He only starting showing interest in me after socks jocks and I were getting quite serious.  We had one encounter which I felt really connected us and he began to subtly ask me on dates.  I gave excuses to show my disinterest and was polite the entire time.  He did not make it on my dating charts at all… slipped under the radar as socks jocks and I became committed to each other.  We continued to be friends and we would sometimes even do activities together on our own that was strictly platonic.

I never thought much of it until I met his girlfriend.  She was not pretty, it wasn’t that.  It was how he treated her, how she put her first that made me immediately envious.  And as I thought about it, I realized that his recent actions has been a devotion to her.  He cut his hair, got laser eye surgery, and no longer wear suspenders.  The way he spoke about her made her seem completely incompatible with him, but he respected her opinion and her needs.  I was instantly attracted to him.

I knew why I was attracted to him.  He was almost everything I was looking for, hidden away and I failed to see it.  He could satisfy my needs better than my current relationship.  I misjudged him and I made a mistake because I was shallow and I mentally exaggerated his shortcomings to conclude that we were just too different.


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