A New Era

It’s a new era. My single girlfriend that I shared the ups and downs of dating in the city with me has found a boyfriend. What was once excitement and giddiness to tell each other about horrible dates and stalkerish guys has all but disappeared. The relationship is so serious now that I can’t even ask about their sex life, nor do I care to know. It’s like asking a married woman about her sex life as a single woman; it’s just awkward. Our relationship now is limited to the morning Starbucks run, once a week. The conversation is dull and resembles small talk.

I’m happy for her, but I feel like we are in different stages of life. I’m in a relationship too, but it is certainly not as serious as hers. I’ve suggested double dates, and she has shrugged it off politely. It’s weird these things. People in relationships don’t always want to share their life in that way. They sometimes just disappear.

This has just been my experience with girlfriends. They are in and out of my life and when we pick up again, it’s as if we never had a lull in the relationship. I am alright with it, but sometimes I do wish that I had a Sex in the City type of circle.


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