The NuvaRing Birth Control

A few posts back I said that birth control pills were ruining my life. I was suffering a slew of side effects including low sex drive, dryness, irritation down there and heartburn.  After ranting to my doctor-in-training friend, she recommended the NuvaRing.   It’s a ring that is inserted vaginally and releases similar hormones to the birth control pill.  It’s not a barrier method contraceptive.

What a wonder! It must be the steady release of the hormones. I’m feeling great, steady and best of all my sex drive is alright. Not as crazy as it was naturally, but after two months its not incredibly low. I highly recommend trying it (although I’m not a doctor).

Oh thank goodness, because Socks Jock was not good at using condoms, or making sure that there was one readily available.  He’s one of those guys that can’t get off with a condom on, which means that I’ll have to give him a handjob or blowjob every time.

Another benefit to the NuvaRing, which isn’t stated on the box is that it’s actually quite pleasurable to keep the ring in and have sex. Socks jock doesn’t mind it, but we sometimes take it out during sex for the more natural feeling.  (This is allowed, as long as it is placed back in within 3 hours).


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