Observing What Real Love Actually Means

I’m the past year I’ve been virtually following this girl from high school. Yeah I openly stalk her, but not in a creepy way… I think? She has this amazing life that I admire. She worked with a cruiseline on a boat travelling all over the world. She met this sailor man and they bought a hut together. I thought that was the sweetest thing.

She was always this outgoing person who dated a lot of boys in high school. It never got anywhere and so I was really happy to see her find someone who she was declaring her love for all over social media.  It wasn’t usual for her to declare these types of things, and maybe that’s because she was stuck in places without Internet usually, but I still thought it was so sweet. I don’t know him but based off photos he looked older and reminded me of the traveller that I once dated.

They seemed so in love with each other. And after not hearing the usual updates I went to her Facebook page to see that she had deleted everything related to him off her history. They were no longer together. I know breakups happen all the time, but they really seemed so happy.

I was unusually upset over it considering I haven’t even spoken to her since high school.  I was hoping to live vicariously through her online posts about this sweet love that she found. It was also a bit of a reality check for me. As exciting as it would be, moving 100% full steam forward is likely not how love works.  Real love is my coworker who recently realized that her new husband doesn’t wash his dress shirts, and now she has to wash and iron all of his dress shirts because they stink up the closet. He appreciates her because even though it’s crunch time at work for him, he feels bad that she has to do all the work and offered to help anyway.


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