Getting Ready to Get Lucky Routine

If I know that I’m going to get lucky, or rather, let the man get lucky with me in bed there’s a bit of a routine that I perform.  I’m going to share all the dirty details of that routine here.  Now, I don’t follow this religiously every time but yes definitely if it’s a new thing.

In preparation, I always shower thoroughly with hot water and a lightly scented soap. I use a new disposable razor to shave my underarms and make sure that it’s perfectly smooth down there. If I’ve missed a few laser hair removal sessions and the hair down there is stubbly then I may painfully tweeze the thicker hair and then shave. If hairy beaver becomes the in thing, I’ll definitely have a problem because I like it nice and smooth. My leg hair is actually almost non existent so I’m lucky with that, I may still shave it anyway for fun and to feel extra sexy. Continuing with controlling the body hair, I also use a tweezer to tweeze any longer peach fuzz hairs around my nipples. I know, it sounds gross but a girl has got to do what a girls got to do. This includes routine waxing of the upper lip and eyebrow. Ladies, you need to wax the upper lip no matter how fine the peach fuzz is. Trust me.

I like to get dressed and put makeup on at the same time. I put my face lotion on, and moisturise my legs. I put my foundation on and pick out my underwear. Getting lucky doesn’t mean wearing the sexy underwear actually. If it’s our first time and someone that I’ve been holding out for then I wear a nice new pair of regular panties. I don’t want him to think it was premeditated. If we’ve been together for awhile, I might bust out something sexier to spice it up.
If it’s a hot day and I’m bound to sweat then I wear deodorant. If it’s cool then I don’t becauae natural scent is full of sexy pheromones. This is a science, trust me.

And what to pack in the purse is ultra important! I never pack a condom because if he doesn’t have one then I’m not putting out. This may be old school, but I believe he should be prepared. If I know that I’m going to stay over, but we haven’t really explicitly agreed on it then I’m discreet about it. I pack just the bare minimum: extra pair of underwear, toothbrush, contact lens case with solution and maybe a pair of flats. That’s it, and those are things that I normally might have in my purse anyway so he has no expectations that I might stay.

Yes, I may be over-thinking, but what’s more important is the flawless execution.  A flawless execution is when a guy suspects nothing about the fully thought through routine. I also usually get really excited about seeing my significant other so I normally take a cab and arrive early, if possible. However, if he makes me wait after arriving early then I act cool as a cucumber and brush it off. Easy breezy.


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