He’s Selfish in Bed

Socks Jock is selfish in bed and I’ve never had this problem before. I thought that it was innate for men to want to pleasure their women, especially in a society where this is something that men pride themselves on. I could be misinterpreting, but he has not gone down on me in months.

Here is the real kicker. We were in bed and he was manually pleasuring me and I thought it would help if I gave him some direction as to how I liked it. As soon as he got it right, I said “that’s perfect,” and he immediately stopped! And then he changed up what he was doing. What the fuck?

As of late, I have been really good at keeping him satisfied, despite my body being kind of out of whack because of being on the pill.

I’ve never in the past been a direct kind of girl and so I decided that I would be direct about it this time. I said I like it when he touches me slowly and he said that he doesn’t like doing it that way. I shot him a “well, what does it matter to you?” and he was definitely taken back by it. I was really proud of myself.

I also gave him grief for not being prepared and having a condom. I mean, how can he be so inconsiderate and neglecting towards my sexual needs? I really am glad that I was direct about these things because I think he realized that I have a backbone. Something that I probably did not have before in other relationships.

Sexual frustrations aside I am feeling really good about my behaviour and stance. I also feel good that he realized that this is important to me, which is very unlike the response that my ex-boyfriend would have given me.  Outside of bed he has been really good to me so I’ll see how things progress.


2 thoughts on “He’s Selfish in Bed

  1. Wow, that would suck to the nth degree because there’s no good way (I’m assuming lol) to tell someone that you would appreciate some consideration too! Also, yeah it totally does NOT make sense that good job translates into please stop lol … but best of luck! đŸ™‚

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