Almost Cheating in a Relationship

In my very first post to this blog, I mentioned that went away on a vacation to Europe and decided that I no longer wanted to be in a relationship with my boyfriend at the time.  On this vacation, I was face-to-face with a situation where I could have cheated on him.  I was half way around the world, on a vacation by myself.  I met a boy who was a few years younger than me.  We knew nothing about each other and frankly, I didn’t think that he was particularly good looking either.  There was a bit of attraction, or maybe just sexual tension between us.

One night he walked me back to my room and I innocently invited him to stay over since he mentioned that he wanted some time away from his travel mate.  My intention was to have him as company as I was feeling lonely and having trouble sleeping due to jet lag.  I was a naive girl, and thought that we could have a platonic sleepover.  He was a gentleman as he played on my cues and ended up sleeping in the other bed.  As I came to the realization that I had led him on and how close I was to something happening between us, I actually got more excited at the thought.  At the time, I was in a 4 year relationship where I wasn’t happy and just the thought of someone pursuing me made me feel really excited.  I became increasingly flirtatious with him and a few nights later, we almost ended up in a similar predicament.  He really was a good guy and nothing happened, not even a kiss.

I appreciate it for what it was and I am really glad that it did not go any further.  We connected through social media, but we never spoke again.  I came back home after the vacation and broke up with my boyfriend.  He thinks we broke up because there was someone else in the picture, but it really wasn’t the case.  The feeling of excitement that I had for this guy, let’s call him the travel mate, could have been sparked by anyone.  Travel mate was not anyone special, he just for a very short period of time showed me that I was desirable and that I was settling for less in my relationship.


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