Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Interesting

So what crazy adventures are next now that I have a boyfriend? A lot of stuff, because, really, the exciting stuff isn’t confined to just dating. We currently live in different cities and we don’t spend a whole lot of time together, but his efforts to stay connected has been grand.

A girlfriend of mine has asked me how I keep it interesting, because she’s told me that after a few weeks the texting usually dies down. She tells me there isn’t that much to discuss anymore because they’re over the “getting to know each other phase”. I think the key to keeping it interesting is really how much both people want it to work and creativity.

We don’t video call everyday but we send each other little snaps or videos of our lives, or we send each other articles that we think the other might enjoy. And similar to interacting in real life, we discuss these things that we share. The key is to share something that makes you excited.

Another topic of discussion that keeps things exciting is planning something together; a vacation, a project, a surprise birthday party for a friend, etc. And of course, getting a car and driving the distance to actually see each other is important too.

So you would think that a long distant relationship would bode well with me since, you know, I’m a phone sex operator and we can have dirty phone sex all the time. Socks jock isn’t into phone sex though and that’s okay with me. Like most men, he is visually turned on. He likes sexy photos of me and requests for me to wear sexy lingerie. More of an excuse to buy incredibly sexy lingerie, score!


4 thoughts on “Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Interesting

    1. I completely agree! More involvement of both parties in each others lives, even if that’s just sharing day to day excitements keeps the interest there.

  1. I dated long distance will all my relationships but the man I am dating now was the only one I ever got to meet. Phone sex was definitely my favorite, we had a lot of fun with that!

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