Reflecting on My Dating Experiences

I’m now in a stable relationship and rather than feeling like I need to dismiss the men that I’ve dated previously, I’ve been thinking very fondly of many of them. I’m happy with the socks jock, and I can still really appreciate all that the other men that I’ve dated has taught me. The other day the beer drinker messaged me and I was happy to hear from him. He showed me how I deserved to be treated like a princess. I also think often about the traveller. I respect him for the well put together man that he is. He showed me that sometimes there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself and your comfort first. Both of these men were not right for me and I am even more clear on that now.

Would I recommend advice from The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu? Or other dating relationship books? Yes! I really believe that it gave me perspective that I didn’t have before. Regardless of the outcome, it’s the experience that I’ve gained that has made me self-aware.

This really became apparent when I talk to my cousin. She’s new to dating and although she is usually very logical, her emotions totally consume her and she soon starts doing irrational things. Having a plan in place prevents this from happening. As I’ve told her, you may feel like this crazy emotional person on the inside, but never ever let this crazy out because it will never help the situation! Hide that crazy.

I haven’t declared this a total success yet and I’m cautiously going to continue to see where this leads me. A reflection back on the period of time where I was single is important, I think. I may never go through that journey again.


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