The Socks Jock 4 – Secrets

Everyone’s got a deep dirty secret about themselves, at least I do. I’m a phone sex operator, although not really an active one anymore. So, Socks Jock’s secret is that he takes recreational steroids.

I’ve already accepted that he’s nearly a decade younger than me, what’s another shocker? This dating thing really is about being open, going with the flow.

I’m not even really surprised anymore. Did I immediately pick up my phone and do some crazy research on the side effects of steroids? Nope. And it’s not that I’m completely jaded, I just feel that I should take my own advice and just see where it goes. Besides, I already know that I’m in too deep emotionally.

These secrets are secrets because it’s not what defines a person. Being a phone sex operator does not define me and I know the same is true for him. The reason why we don’t disclose these things are because it should not have an affect on the person that we are seeing. When secrets are revealed, it should be done to be open with each other and to connect – at least that’s what I think.

This is the 3 month mark with Socks Jock. My bigger concern is where this is going. More to come.

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