Dating Baggage

After the dating experiences that I’ve gone through, I admit that I have dating baggage. And the baggage makes it difficult to make a judgement call on whether something is a red flag or if it’s just my biased damaged self making a self-fulfilling prediction of what will happen.

So I’m an analytical person and so here are the details. 100% of the men that I’ve dated and could see myself with long-term, are not interested in a long term relationship with me. Of the men that I’ve dated, and I wasn’t interested in, maybe a little less showed interest in something more than just physical with me.

Can I really be blamed when I start really getting into someone and then having a panic attack about it? It seems to be the trend that when I start dating someone that I like, it usually ends shortly after. I admit that the pie guy who I dated for 6 weeks was probably one of the most scarring experiences. Everything seemed fine, and all of a sudden he quits out on me in the middle of a text conversation! I didn’t even know that could happen.

So yes. I’m crazy. I’m paranoid. I’m insecure in the beginning of a dating relationship, but am I going to show it? No. I’m still in this to win. Breezy.

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