The Socks Jock 3

The Socks Jock saga continues and since I’ve started dating this has been the longest dating story since The Traveller. In my books, we’ve been seeing each other for about 3 months. He thinks it’s been 2, but I won’t correct him because I’m breezy like that.

Things are progressing really well, and I the biggest challenge for me is understanding how men connect. A few observations of what is different about this connection:

– Time apart from each other was actually really beneficial and allowed him to really miss me. This is good for bonding.
– He contacts me almost everyday and I like it. It feels healthy and more comfortable than anxiously awaiting a call.
– Being flexible about plans keeps things spontaneous and breezy. It shows that I’m cool.
– I call him out when he is being snappy, or make fun of him if he has food on his face.  I think this puts me on the same level as him and makes him think before he acts around me.
– Holding out on sex was great (no sarcasm here). It helps prevent an early superficial bond.
– Keeping conversations as light as possible is key to being playful and flirty.
– Not completely halting conversations with other men who may be interested has helped me with feeling more confident.
– Everyone has secrets. We just don’t have to talk about them when we’re still trying to get to know each other. ***

Okay so on the secrets bit. I believe in not being nosy and using good judgement here. I mean, I’m not going to be telling him that I’m a phone sex operator. Likewise, he’s not going to divulge his secrets, which apparently includes drawers full of medical syringes.  Interesting. More to come.


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