Blowing into Third Base with Socks Jock

I was dating the socks jock for about 4 weeks and we were seeing each other frequently. I really liked him because we were really similar in personality and I really enjoyed his constant pursuit of me. And of course, the physical attraction was strong.

Right before I left for my 2 week trip to Asia, things got really heated and we started to take off our clothes while making out. Hours before getting on the plane we had a really hot session where we were rubbing lotion on each other while being almost fully naked.

I really wanted to take things slow since that was something that I think was missing in my past dating encounters.  I really felt that it would be key to having a successful dating experience that could turn into a relationship. So, the 2 weeks away in Asia definitely did the dating relationship good. He missed me and by the end of the trip he wanted to video call me everyday.

But as I thought about coming back, I wasn’t sure how I was going to hold off on sex for much longer. I think that it would be a good idea to hold off until we agreed to be exclusive, but it felt kind of juvenile to continue to make out and stop just as we were both getting into it.  Is the next step to move on to oral sex? Is oral sex really less intimate?

So in following the guide of the book Mars and Venus Dating, it’s advice was to get yours pleasure before giving him his. Essentially, let him make you cum before you blow him.

He was making an honest effort but a bit inexperienced and stopped at the wrong times. I figures that I made him wait long enough since we were hot all night for each other so I gave him a blow job in the morning. I declined sex the precious night.


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