Jealousy and The Pretty Girl

I never really thought that I was the jealous type, but maybe that’s because I don’t usually go for the guys that girls throw themselves at. I strongly believe that it is the duty of the other partner to ensure their actions are not making their partner jealous. Although I don’t think my past partners have really taken it upon themselves to do that.

When I was together with my ex-boyfriend, there were two such girls that bothered me. One girl was someone that my ex was clearly not interested in and he would make it a point to tag me along when she would ask him out. The other girl was one of my best single friends. She is this pretty girl that every guy liked. She was not particularly hot but she is this cute and timid girl with smarts on the outside and this overly dramatic and slightly ignorant girl on the inside. She was forever single, because she would have at any point in time half a dozen of guys willing to do whatever for her.

I grew up with her and yet I still did not trust her when I was with my ex. Why? Because I didn’t get the reassurance from him that there was nothing there. I also remember when she did a work stint in a different city, I really hope that her and my ex-boyfriend at the time fell out of touch so that I could stop feeling insecure. In looking back, I probably should have just voiced my insecurity to my ex-boyfriend, but I didn’t want to seem like THAT crazy jealous girlfriend.

And okay this may sound really bad but when I became single, I deliberately didn’t bring the pretty girl along with me when I go to single events. If my goal is to find someone, why would I bring someone who would distract from that?


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