The Socks Jock

I made a personal promise to myself that I wouldn’t get too into any man before I went on an extended vacation, but sometimes things just can’t be helped. In my previous post, I explained how socks jock and I met through a social group.

On numerous occasions, he would separate me from the group and ask to do activities with me before or after the event. He takes initiative and makes decisions. In many ways we are very similar and we have yet to clash. We’re both outgoing, decisive, ambitious, competitive and we both have a good talent for acting or at least improv.

Since I’ve started dating, there has never been a man that I was actually physically attracted to that has given me this much attention. I partly like to think that it was my recent experiences that allowed me to just take it easy and be cool about the whole thing. The attention that he gives me takes the edge off, and I wasn’t as anxious as I was when I was dating and really getting into the pie guy. He texts me everyday, he wants to see me often and asks me when he’ll see me next.

So what’s the catch? He’s 7 years younger than me (we’re both in our 20’s). Am I abandoning ship? Nope, because I’ve already decided that I’m in it for the ride. Also, the dating plan that I’m on encourages dating different types of men.

I admit that he is really mature for his age. He’s treated me really well and I wonder if part of that is because he has yet to be bitter and started developing caution when it comes to women. Maybe that’s what I needed, a man that doesn’t have his shield up and hopefully isn’t afraid of falling in love.


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