The Four Man Plan: Week 18


I really started to get into the socks jock. He put a lot of effort to please me including spending his Friday nights with me, and making me a personal playlist. In comparison, the other men just didn’t seem as appealing.

The owl man put in a good effort by making me dinner at his place, but it actually was a huge turn-off the way he was extremely meticulous with everything. I just couldn’t connect with him and I felt a little pressured because he had this expectation that I was some kind of perfect good girl type that he wants to make his wife. This was enough to make me run away.

The update on the lawyer after the switcheroo was that he didn’t like the socks girl (the girl that we met at the same time as socks jock). He told me that they didn’t have much in common. Turns out he got into a relationship with another girl.

The random job man and dancer put in minimal effort, so they were out.

In addition to doing some professional studies, there was also an Asia trip that I hoped to distract myself from how tripped up I had gotten with the socks jock. Socks jock asked me if I did online dating, which made him an official half value. We also closed-mouth kissed on our third date. It was really sweet.


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