Twist of Events and the Socks Jock

I started getting closer to the lawyer since we both liked physical activities and participating in spontaneous random events. I could tell that he was interested, but we haven’t officially gone on any dates yet. We were in the same social club and would often go to grab food before the events, but it seemed platonic and we always paid separately.

Just as I was about to decide that I liked him, there was a strange twist of events. The lawyer and I met these two people, let’s call them the socks girl and the socks guy for simplicity. They came to the event together and initially I thought that they were together. Turns out that they weren’t because the socks girl asked out the lawyer, and the socks guy asked me out!

I was shocked that someone like the socks guy would ask me out because he’s this incredibly good looking jock type. As far as I know these guys don’t ask girls out because girls throw themselves at them, and even if they did ask girls out I certainly didn’t think that they asked girls like me out!

But, why not? Why wouldn’t a jock type like the socks guy ask someone like me out? I decided to go with the flow. I felt like maybe he liked me because I poked fun at him and treated him like a regular guy. I went with that notion and continued to poke fun at him, which seemed really natural.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between the socks jock and I, even though in the back of my mind I wondered if he was just helping wingman for the socks girl. Because of the socks girl and socks guy, the lawyer and I have been split apart and our attention was redirected. I actually like the socks jock more than the lawyer due to the effort that he has put into getting me out on a date.

Although skeptical, I realized that I just sometimes don’t have control over these things and will have to see how it plays out.


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